In our online catalog you will find a wide variety of bouquets.

Mix of branch roses - 55€

A lush mix of cream and pink roses, decorated in kraft paper. Composition: cream branched rose Cream Grace (5 branches), pink branched rose Grace (4 branches), packaging kraft paper, pink floral ribbon.

Monobouquet of blue hydrangea - 75€

Monobouquet of blue hydrangea in a package. Composition: blue hydrangea (1 piece), blue tracing paper packaging, satin white

51 rose bouquet - €85

A beautiful bouquet of roses of an unusual shade. Composition: Memory Lane rose - 51 pcs. Design: gray tracing paper.

A bouquet of lavender roses - €105

A bouquet of lavender roses and eucalyptus in chalk. Composition: memory lane lavender roses (15 pcs), eucalyptus, tracing paper packaging in violet and light green colors, pink floral ribbon.

A bouquet of 11 red roses - €40

A bouquet of 11 red roses with a floral ribbon. Composition: Grand Prix red roses (11 pcs), gray tracing paper packaging,
red floral ribbon.

A bouquet of 501 roses - €1000

Original large red and white basket of 501 roses. Composition: red Grand Prix rose (251 pcs), white Peach Avalanche rose (250 pcs),
basket (1).

Wicker basket with eustoma - €90”

Wicker basket with pink eustoma. The flower composition includes: pink eustoma (15 branches), oasis, wicker basket (M),
oasis, bow

A bouquet of roses and gerberas - €110

A cute red-pink bouquet of roses and gerberas. Composition: El Toro red rose (5 pcs), Grazia pink branched rose (8 branches), red gerbera (2 pcs), eucalyptus (2 branches), kraft paper packaging, zip.

Peony-shaped white and pink tulips - 155€

Bouquet with 45 tulips Double white and pink. The bouquet includes: white tulip Double Montreux (22 pcs), pink tulip Double Price (23 pcs), tracing paper, ribbon.

How is the bouquet delivered around the city?

The customer receives a bouquet directly from the selected store, with the help of a courier working in it. Thanks to a large base of flower shops, we try to do everything possible so that the order is fulfilled on the day of registration. The approximate time is indicated when placing the order.